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April 2024

More Ways to Express Yourself: Motion 3.0, Photorealistic, and Profiles

We're excited to unveil three major enhancements to the Kaiber platform: Motion 3.0, our new Photorealistic model, and Profiles.

These updates are a leap forward in our mission to empower everyone with generative creative tools and discover what it means for humans and machines to make art together.

With Motion 3.0, add audio to your art and experience unmatched fluidity in your video creations. The Photorealistic model expands your aesthetic horizons, and Profiles allows you to share and connect on Kaiber.

Let’s dive in.

Feature 1: Motion 3.0 - Enhanced Motion Model

Since its debut last July, our Motion feature has undergone significant enhancements. With Motion 3.0, we're excited to introduce:

  • NEW Audioreactivity: Building on the success of our Flipbook model among our musician community, Motion 3.0 now allows for the creation of audioreactive videos. Upload a music track and watch as your video moves in harmony with every beat and melody.
  • Smoother Motion: We've refined our model to ensure that video subjects are less morph-y and instead express natural movement, carrying the context of the preceding moments for more lifelike outputs.
  • Improved Init Image: The consistency between your uploaded image and the final animated output has been dramatically improved, ensuring that your original vision is preserved and enhanced.
  • NEW Create Templates: Jump straight into creating with our new "Make Music Visualizer" and "Animate Image" options, designed for quick and easy access to Motion 3.0’s capabilities. With sample images and text plus preset settings, you can generate a video in just 2 clicks.

Note: Motion 2.0 is still available for use!

Feature 2: Photorealistic Model

In response to community demand, we're introducing a Photorealistic model. This new option is a significant expansion from our original animated aesthetic, designed to accommodate the diverse style preferences and use cases across our community.

Switching to the Photorealistic option is easy—whether you're working with Motion or Transform, simply switch the dropdown selection from “Animated” to “Photorealistic” in the “Model” settings, generate as usual, and get a video with stunning photo-like qualities.

Feature 3: Profiles

Kaiber is more than a platform; it's a community. With the introduction of Profiles, users can now claim a unique username, upload a profile picture, link their social media or Spotify pages, and choose to publicly display their Kaiber art. It's a step towards fostering deeper connections and providing a space for inspiration and collaboration within the AI art world.

screenshot of the kaiber studio profile page
check out the kaiber studio profile:

What’s Next?

These new features represent just the beginning of what's coming to Kaiber. We're excited to see how you, our community, will use Motion 3.0, the Photorealistic model, and Profiles to push the boundaries of AI-assisted art. We encourage everyone to dive in, explore these new features, and share your creations and feedback with us! Whether it's through the Kaiber Discord or by submitting and upvoting new product requests on Kaiber’s Product Lift page, your input is invaluable as we continue to evolve.

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The New Kaiber Updates
Discover the latest Kaiber updates: Motion 3.0 for fluid, detailed videos, the new Photorealistic model, and Profiles to connect and share in our vibrant community.