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November 2023

Featured Artist: Inside Yung Bae’s Retro Kaiber Styles

AI animated image of Yung Bae profile image from his Groove Continental album photoshoot.

Yung Bae, born Dallas Cotton, is a Los Angeles-based future funk producer known for blending an eclectic mix of disco, funk, R&B, and 1980s Japanese city pop. His craft revolves around the art of sampling and experimentation, resulting in tracks that are unmistakably retro, yet polished with a contemporary electronic sheen.

With his most recent album, Groove Continental: Side B (released on October 6 via Bae's own Groove Continental label and Downtown Distro), Bae vaults skyward, landing squarely amongst the candy-colored ‘70s clouds and disco dazzle jet streams—a vibrant tribute to the era's optimism and it’s space-age daydreams.

Bae's approach to this album was both instinctual and unorthodox. "When I start to work on a record, I just know if I'm feeling it or not," he explains. "So I immediately chucked all my analog synths, bought a bunch of old '60s and '70s gear, and got to work.”

The artist's experimental spirit takes center stage in the new Kaiber Mobile App. As a spotlighted “Featured Artist,” his vivid retro style is brought to life within the app’s “Explore” tab, offering fans an interactive journey through his latest work. The app's sleek, intuitive design encapsulates Bae's "Groove Continental" essence, featuring seven music snippets and his signature aesthetic, inviting users to visually and sonically dive into the nostalgic adventure that is uniquely his.

“The future of music is likely to feature increasingly immersive and personalized experiences for fans, thanks to innovations like Kaiber,” say Bae. “I envision [it] as a gateway to endless possibilities.”

By using his song snippets and the curated AI style and subjects, Yung Bae fans and Kaiber users can co-create artist-inspired music videos and immerse themselves in Bae's world in just a few taps.

"In the spirit of sampling that forged my early albums, Kaiber allows anyone to repurpose and remix elements from my new music and album visuals,” says future funk producer, Yung Bae. “I can’t wait to see the art my fans create in the Kaiber app.”

Discover Yung Bae’s featured style and music, now on the Kaiber Mobile App.

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Inside Yung Bae's Retro Kaiber Styles
Explore Yung Bae’s unique fusion of retro and modern sounds on Kaiber Mobile App, where fans can immerse in his future funk universe.