February 2024

Dreams and Distortions: Desilence's Artistic Explorations with Kaiber and Notch

Desilence, the dynamic creative duo consisting of Tatiana Halbach (Barcelona) and Søren Christensen (Denmark), have been crafting an impressive array of artistic projects since 2005, ranging from big stage shows and live visuals to musicals, dance performances, installations, and more. They describe their aesthetic as leaning towards a more analog look than typical digital art-- mixing technology and classical painting.

Their latest venture, Paramnésico, draws inspiration from psychology's concept of paramnesia, exploring the distortion of memory between real and imagined events. Over three months, Tatiana and Søren meticulously chronicled their dreams. They carefully selected the most exceptional and peculiar dreams, crafting a narrative in three parts that seamlessly meld into one continuous sequence—each section’s concluding frame seamlessly transitioning into the initial frame of the subsequent part, a project adaptable to diverse venues.

To bring their vision to life, they harnessed the power of Kaiber for raw visuals and Notch for ideation and effects. Notch also played a crucial role in experimenting with the integration of visuals and the accompanying music, provided by Siriusmo, in an audio-reactive manner through the manipulation of select frequencies.

Having used Kaiber for a few of their recent projects, we had the opportunity to discuss their process in more detail.

Q&A with Desilence

When and why did you get into generative art?

We have been working with various tools to create visual content for over 20 years, experimenting with platforms like Flash, processing, open frameworks, Cinder, Touch Designer, and Max MSP. Since 2018, our focus has been primarily on Unreal and Notch. We like to stay up-to-date with technology and integrate it into our projects.

How did you discover Kaiber?

We discovered Kaiber while looking for different AI solutions for a specific project. We immediately understood that Kaiber was the perfect solution because the interface is easy and intuitive, and the video results are incredible.

Their piece, “Paramnésico”, shown at idealBarcelona

How does AI change the way you tell stories?

AI completely changes the way you can tell stories. It allows us to try crazy ideas without needing an army of animators to realize them. It's a great help as we create videos and animations that we mix and process live with Notch and VDMX. Creativity and AI have no limits; you just need to know how to control them.

Still from "Paramnésico"

How does Kaiber fit into your creative process?

Kaiber is instrumental in creating bases that we later modify with Notch. We make loops for live performances that we used to film or animate, allowing us to imagine and produce more complex ideas in a shorter time. It enhances our ability to experiment even further.

You can follow Desilence at https://www.dslnc.com/ and read more about their blend of Notch and Kaiber here: https://www.notch.one/portfolio/argiartean-festival-2023/

Guests sit in awe at idealBarcelona
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Interview with creative Duo, Desilence
Explore the surreal world of Paramnésico by Desilence, where dreams blend with reality. Discover how Kaiber and Notch shape their unique storytelling, fusing technology and classical aesthetics to create captivating art.