February 2024

Kaiber Welcomes Design Visionary Ede Schweizer and Creative Innovator Kyt Janae to Leadership Team

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We’re proud to officially welcome Ede Schweizer and Kyt Janae to the Kaiber team as our new Chief Design Officer and Head of Kaiber Studio, respectively. This marks a key step in our next phase of business: reinventing the creative process with AI in ways the world has yet to see.

Ede Schweizer: The Visionary Behind the Scenes

Ede Schweizer is not just a designer; he's a visionary whose work has touched the lives of billions. From crafting the foundational user experience of the original iPhone and App Store at Apple to leading design efforts for the Android platform and Play Store at Google, Schweizer has a track record of bridging the gap between complex technology and intuitive user interfaces. He also held pivotal roles in redesigning Pinterest, creating Samsung's Bixby, and spearheading innovation at Amazon's Alexa Innovation Lab.

"I’m thrilled to join Kaiber as Chief Design Officer. We have the unique opportunity to fundamentally transform the way creatives work and lower the barrier to entry in the generative art space. I look forward to showing how AI can unlock new dimensions of art, only possible through human and machine synergy,” says Schweizer.

“Who knew the impact the iPhone would have on the world? I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the team who brought this product into the lives of so many, and 10 years later, continues to define the standard,” says Schweizer.
“In October 2016 Viv Labs was acquired by Samsung – where I continued to lead the design team, now in Korea and California, as we continued defining this voice assistant. Eventually Bixby was available on every connected Samsung product with a mic and speaker, from watches to vehicles,” says Schweizer.

Kyt Janae: A Force of Creative Innovation

Multidisciplinary creative director and artist Kyt Janae brings an impressive background and a unique blend of art, technology, and entertainment integration expertise to Kaiber. Her journey includes collaborations with [adult swim]’s iconic brand IDs such as Rick and Morty, partnerships with music superstars such as Doja Cat and Skrillex, and live event production for major events like Coachella and Governor’s Ball. More recently, Kyt helped pioneer digital art sales cross over into the mainstream via her work with Foundation. With a portfolio that boasts nearly half a billion views online, her art has been exhibited at LACMA and MoMA.

"As the new Head of Kaiber Studio, I'm excited to push the boundaries of storytelling by harnessing creativity and cutting-edge research. We're already working to bring some of the most exciting, groundbreaking projects with leading artists and brands to life, and we’re just getting started,” says Janae.

As former co-founder of Daisy Studio, Janae has successfully directed and produced several experiential activations for major live events.
From 2018-2021, Janae worked on multiple campaigns for Rick and Morty, including a short viral film called “Rick and Morty Crossing.”

Charting the Next Phase of Business

The synergy of Ede's design leadership and Kyt’s creative direction is poised to catapult Kaiber beyond the current expectations of creative AI tools. Together, they will help us redefine what is possible, blending unparalleled UX/UI design with the most exciting innovations in art and entertainment.

Kaiber is gearing up to unveil this exciting new era, and we invite you to join us in the journey ahead. Stay tuned for more, and read the full press release here.

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Kaiber Welcomes Design Visionary Ede Schweizer and Creative Innovator Kyt Janae to Leadership Team
Kaiber announces the exciting addition of design visionary Ede Schweizer and creative innovator Kyt Janae to its leadership team, set to redefine the creative landscape with AI.