June 2024

Introducing Motion Brush: Animate with Precision

A woman in a blue dress holds a large circular mirror in a wheat field. The mirror reflects a different scene of a golden wheat field under a cloudy sky.

We’re excited to announce Motion Brush, a new tool to selectively animate parts of your images with precision. With Motion Brush, you have the power to infuse life into specific elements of your projects, adding a layer of depth and movement that transforms static images into captivating visual stories.

Precision Animation with Motion Brush

Made specifically for image animation in Kaiber’s Motion 3.0, there are two ways to use Motion Brush for isolating subjects: “Motion Brush” and “Select Segments.” These tools provide the flexibility and ease of use needed to create stunning animated visuals, whether you're a seasoned professional or a creative enthusiast.

Motion Brush

To animate images with fine detail, Motion Brush gives you the ultimate control. Simply click and hold your cursor to 'brush' over the areas you want to bring to life. You can even adjust the size of the brush, from 1px up to 50 px, allowing you to define exactly which parts of your image move. Animate a flowing dress, a fluttering butterfly, or waves crashing against the shore with natural, fluid motion.

Select Segments

The Select Segments tool is your go-to option for quick edits and seamless animations. You can select whole areas of an image for animation with a single click, making it ideal for fast, efficient adjustments without sacrificing quality. Select Segments offers the speed and simplicity you need, whether on a tight deadline or preferring a streamlined approach.

Finetune your Selections

Have you made a mistake or changed your mind? No worries! You can use the eraser tool to adjust your selections easily, press the undo button to reverse it, or just Reset to start over.

You can find Motion Brush above your uploaded image preview in the Motion create flow; just select “Open in Motion Brush” on the settings page.

For Musicians: Animate your Album Covers

Ready to tease your latest single? Try animating your album art to stand out! With Motion Brush, you can transform your static album cover into an eye-catching animation and leave a lasting impression on your fans.

For Designers: Bring Your Projects to Life

Elevate your digital art projects beyond the static and into the extraordinary. With Motion Brush, you can add subtle animations to logos, infographics, or posters, making your designs not just seen but felt.

For Photographers: Animate Your Portraits

Transform your photographs from snapshots to stories. Use Motion Brush to animate elements in a subtle way, enhancing the emotion and depth of your portraits without altering the soul of the original shot.

For Marketers: Create Thumb-Stopping Content

Make your ads impossible to ignore. Motion Brush lets you add fresh perspectives to your product shoots by animating key components of your ad. Now you can flex your visual storytelling skills, draw your viewer’s eye directly to the most important elements, and drive engagement.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

With Motion Brush, you can push the boundaries of your creativity like never before. Whether you’re working on a professional project or a personal endeavor, Motion Brush allows you to transform your static images into dynamic works of art with just a few clicks. Visit Kaiber to start creating with Motion Brush and elevate your projects to new heights.

Want to learn Motion Brush tips and best practices? Check out our FAQ.

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Motion Brush: Animate with Precision