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November 2023

Q&A with August Kamp on AI Redefining Creativity

August Kamp is a musician, researcher/activist, and multidisciplinary artist. She has gradually expanded her creative capabilities in all directions following the advent of modern AI toolsets. While her artistry predates these new methods, her activism has shifted towards bringing ease of use to the forefront of the artistic conversation and helping all people find empowerment through self-study in art.

August takes this call on a walk through a sunny neighborhood—the perfect ambiance for discussing how AI can reconnect humanity with nature.

August, can you walk us through how your journey with AI in art began?

August Kamp (AK): It began with a desire to expand my creative capabilities following the emergence of modern AI toolsets. Although I had been practicing art before these tools, I saw an opportunity to incorporate them and enhance my creative expression.

I’ve noticed your use of your platform to explain your vision of AI as a return to indigenous ideals. Can you delve deeper into that perspective?

AK: Certainly. I envision a shift where AI evolves from being something controlled by humans to resembling a force of nature. It's about observing and benefiting from it, similar to the symbiotic relationship between indigenous cultures and the natural world.

How did you see, on a personal level, changes in your creative process since utilizing AI?

AK: Before AI, I felt limited despite considering myself multidisciplinary. The tools constrained my sensibilities and taste. Interestingly, even today, I find artists who share that sentiment. The impact of AI is liberating artists from these constraints, reigniting passion projects, and challenging the traditional scarcity mindset.

Everybody has a passion project back on the table that needs to be revisited. Before they said, “Well, I couldn't do that because of XYZ.” It's very likely that while you weren't looking, XYZ crumbled away.

I'm curious about your thoughts on the backlash against using AI in a creative workflow.

The reason, and I've been pondering this a lot, why we see 50% or more of the current outrage is because when you remove a gate, the gatekeeper gets angry. Everyone has been sold on the notion that whatever they possess that empowers them must not fall into someone else's hands. However, this fails to acknowledge that art isn't something that gets stolen; it gets duplicated, expanded, and evolves. Understanding this concept can be quite challenging.

How do you see AI influencing the interaction between your art and your audience?

AK: AI allows me to consider new modes of delivery, like incorporating music into visual canvases on platforms such as Spotify. It adds a layer of depth, where the quality of the music directly influences the visual experience. I want my fans not just to enjoy the art but to actively engage in imagining the next iteration. It's about co-creating the artistic journey.

Kaiber, as you know, started as a tool for creating Spotify Canvases. Is that where you discovered us?

AK: Honestly, I don’t remember the exact moment I found Kaiber, but I remember one of my earliest projects using it.

Can you share more about how Kaiber fits into your workflow?

AK: Kaiber is more than a tool; it's a collaborator. It actively contributes to the brainstorming and visual effects stages. Each project is a learning experience; I discover new directions with every interaction. Kaiber's outputs become a catalyst, influencing the directionality of my workflow, particularly in the brainstorming phase.

You mentioned intentionality and caring deeply about the creative process. Why is that more important now?

AK: Caring is the heartbeat of creativity. Not caring might not have been as punishing in the past, but today, it's more rewarding than ever. With AI, there's a newfound depth in the creative process. It's not just about creating; it's about connecting, understanding, and caring for the art and its impact.

A message to the Kaiber community who uses your prompts?

AK: Ask yourselves, "What am I already doing?" Start with what you have; don't be afraid to break the rules. Treat it like Lego, deconstruct and reconstruct. Embrace iteration and trust the process. You can create, consider, and recreate more fluidly than ever. It's about affirming what you hold and letting it guide your next steps.

You can find August Kamp on IG (https://www.instagram.com/august.kamp/) and listen to their latest album, “Important Dreams Compendium,” here: https://album.link/i/1677888548.

Try out her AI Style Prompt “Dream Study” on Kaiber Mobile.

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August Kamp: Thoughts on AI and Creativity
Interview with August Kamp about the role AI plays in her life and shaping the future.