March 2024

Introducing Transform 3.0, an Upgraded Video-to-Video Model

Meet Transform 3.0: a leap forward in Kaiber’s video-to-video technology. With improved prompt adherence, better stylization, and faster generation times, it surpasses its predecessor, Transform 2.0. Transform 1.0 is still at your disposal for reimagining your footage.

Whether you desire to alter the world around you, incorporate stunning visual effects, or even morph your own appearance, the power to transform is within reach.

The Evolution: Transform 2.0 to 3.0

Transform is our groundbreaking video-to-video tool, granting you the power to upload any video, select any style, and seamlessly generate a reimagined version of your footage infused with your chosen style. Picture capturing a vibrant dance video for TikTok and effortlessly morphing yourself into a cyberpunk persona, or capturing a mundane cityscape and transcending it into a magical, dreamlike wonderland (see here). With Transform, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Why Upgrade?

Here's why the Transform 3.0 upgrade is a game-changer:

Enhanced Prompt Adherence

Transform 3.0 has enhanced its adherence to prompts, ensuring the transformation aligns more closely with your prompt. Whether you need subtle refinements or significant changes, Transform 3.0 faithfully interprets your prompts to deliver results that match your vision.

Greater Stylization Options

Transform 3.0 expands your creative palette with a greater stylization. Transform is no longer a subtle enhancement but a total reimagining. Whether you're aiming for cinematic realism or an avant-garde transformation, Transform 3.0 offers the tools to bring your vision to life in unprecedented detail and nuance.

Replacing 2.0:

In light of these advancements, Transform 3.0 replaces its predecessor, Transform 2.0, as a model option in our video-to-video feature at 6 credits per second. Transform 1.0 is still available at 5 credits per seconds.

How to Upgrade to Transform 3.0

For Existing Users:

Transform 2.0 has now been replaced by 3.0 on both mobile and web. Simply log in to your Kaiber account and access the Transform feature to experience the latest enhancements and capabilities.

For New Users:

For those new to Kaiber Transform, there's never been a better time to get started. Sign up for a Kaiber account today to try Transform 3.0 and push your visual boundaries.

Transform Your Vision with Kaiber

In a world where speed, precision, and creativity reign supreme, Kaiber Transform 3.0 stands tall as the ultimate tool for visionary creators. Whether you're a filmmaker, content creator, or visual artist, Transform empowers you to unleash your creativity like never before. Join the revolution and experience the future of generative AI with Kaiber.

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